All-English Afternoon Art Classes

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

At Spark Alternative Learning, our student base is growing due to the popularity of our alternative learning approach to "unschooling". One example of a rapidly growing class is our All-English Afternoon Art.

Art Class | Spark Alternative Learning
Some members of the All-English Art class

Our approach to teaching involves letting students help direct the education process by honing in on their interests and areas of natural curiosity. In every class, Spark Alternative Learning maintains a 6:1 student to teacher ratio. By keeping this strict ratio of students to teachers, our classes allow pupils to learn English better and faster by practicing with Native speakers where they can get lots of attention. This approach ensures that students remain engaged and learning.

In the case of our afternoon All English Art classes, students enjoy learning English while doing fun art projects and using their creativity.

Art Class | Spark Alternative Learning
Art Students Hard at Work

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