Assembly Line Education

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Schools are not factories and kids are not widgets that roll off an assembly line in neat rows. Today’s schools are made of up highly regimented sets of processes that sometimes result in educators treating all students in the same way — expecting (and even demanding) conformity from each child.

Traditional Education | Spark Alternative Learning
Traditional Education | Spark Alternative Learning

This type of education system works well for teaching the masses a common curriculum, but it does not allow for the fact the every child learns differently and experiences a distinctly unique set of learning abilities as well as challenges. All kids are different and applying the same education templates, timelines, and goals to every child is detrimental to the student’s learning. To be blunt, it hurts the educational outcome for the child.

How to Combat Educational Conformity

World famous educator and renowned expert Sir Ken Robinson once said, “Don’t treat children as the same or over-programme them, they find their talents by trying things out.” He was referring to the fact that our schools are designed to stifle creativity by not allowing a child’s natural interests to be explored and developed.

Sir Ken Robinson | Spark Alternative Learning
Sir Ken Robinson | Spark Alternative Learning

Our current education system, although wonderful overall, often does not allow for our kids to discover their potential interests or natural talents and abilities.

A Solution

Learning Centers like Spark can help in this regard, working in tandem with the fine schools all around Ho Chi Minh City to help round-out young learners and nurture their individual needs. Our programs are designed to support kids that need additional support in Math or Language Arts (English) so that they can gain confidence and keep up with their peers. Our fun extracurricular classes like the Adventure Awaits series are designed to get kids out of their day-to-day environments and allow them to see parts of Vietnam they may not have seen before or at least to experience it from a new perspective. Our programs give kids a strong boost to their confidence.

Our Art classes go beyond what most kids are exposed to in their school environments and allow them hands-on experience in being messy and creative at the same time. Our entrepreneur classes teach kids observation, problem solving, creativity and allow them valuable experience in public speaking in English. Designed By Me allows students to design and actually make their own clothing and outfits, teaching creativity, teamwork and problem solving.

Help Young Learners, but Do Not Overload Them

Like adults, children can suffer from exhaustion when they are overworked and stressed out. With that in mind, care must be taken when choosing their after-school activities and classes. Kids need time to socialize while learning. They also need the ability to explore their interests and feel supported in doing so.

At Spark, each of our program sessions have been designed to intensely grow our kids through developmental experiences in our natural environment. Our mission with these programs is to change lives through challenge and discovery. While ambitious and bold, our vision is a more resilient and compassionate world, with more resilient and compassionate citizens. We believe that this begins with our next generation!


Parents must choose their children’s schools, their tutoring, and their extracurricular activities carefully. It all begins with getting to know your child better. It is essential to endeavor to understand how your child is gifted and in what areas he or she struggles or may be challenged. Selecting after school programs that “fit” your child and will help them flourish to become the best possible version of themselves and better adults when they grow up.


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