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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized English test used primarily by students applying to universities abroad and by prospective immigrants to the United States or to the UK and other commonwealth countries. There are three versions of the IELTS – the IELTS General Training, the IELTS Academic, and the IELTS Life Skills. The IELTS Academic is by far the most popular, representing about 80% of the IELTS tests taken each year.

IELTS | Spark Alternative Learning Center
Instructor Joe with IELTS student Johnny in 1:1 session

Spark Alternative Learning teaches our IELTS preparation students everything they will need to be successful test takers, regardless of the version of IELTS being prepared for. Our IELTS students range in age from 3rd graders to adults.

Regardless of the student’s age, we have a wealth of tools at our disposal to prepare our clients to do well and pass the exam. We start with the fundamentals and make sure that students have a strong basis to build upon. The foundational skills for IELTS include being able to read well, comprehend what is being read and parse out the important points and main ideas of the passage.

IELTS | Spark Alternative Learning Center
IELTS Prep: A third grade reading comprehension example

To do well in the reading comprehension section of the test, vocabulary must be well-developed in IELTS students first. It is critical that students know the words they are reading or have developed their contextual decoding skills to the point that they can understand and process the reading passages meaning as they read. Once that foundation has been laid, students can begin to progress to higher levels of reading and eventually begin taking practice IELTS exams routinely.

IELTS | Spark Alternative Learning Center
IELTS - A more advanced passage and related question

As students progress in their IELTS training to the more advanced levels, the more scientific and technical the reading passages become. Those assignments are definitely more challenging to understand and significantly more difficult for students to retain details from earlier paragraphs they’ve read until they reach the end of the passage and begin to try answering the questions.

Spark’s IELTS program is equipped to help students of all levels and capabilities. We recommend in an ideal situation that students take an hour class daily, although some students can only take classes two to three days a week. One thing is clear, however. The earlier age students have a better advantage in IELTS because time is on their side. If the IELTS exam is in your future, get started in your preparation soon and be patient as well as persistent. The positive results will come!

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