Learn to Program Your Very Own Game!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Candy Quest | Spark Alternative Learning
Candy Quest | Spark Alternative Learning

What news is coming out this week from Spark Alternative Learning?

Plenty it seems! Our latest course addition was announced and is now accepting registration. Coding Candy Quest allows parents to introduce their child to visual programming. In this Coding Candy Quest, a 6-week class offered on Saturdays, students get introduced to basic programming as they create interactive stories, design animations, and make mini-games.

Students will solve coding puzzles, build their own projects, and take quizzes.

The educators at Spark Alternative Learning are very excited for students to begin solving coding puzzles, building their own projects, and taking quizzes. Throughout the high-tech course. all student work is automatically tracked and assessed, allowing the course instructor to offer very targeted help and encouragement to any struggling students. The goal of the course if to have fun and learn how to write computer game code.

Coding Candy Crush | Spark Alternative Learning
Coding Candy Crush | Spark Alternative Learning

The Specifics

Designed for students age 7-12, this fun class will teach block coding using animated projects in an exciting candy quest game. This class is packed with puzzle modules that start off simple, but get progressively more challenging by combining conditional logic while introducing “if” and “if-else” blocks. Additionally, students will create and customize a character avatar!


- Sequencing

- Repetition

- Events

- Conditional logic

- Animation

- Storytelling

- Problem solving

- Debugging

- Pen drawing

- Drawing shapes and patterns

Technical Requirements:

Online courses require a modern laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet access and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser. Must be WiFi enabled. No downloads required.

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