Spark Announces Enterprise City 2!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Every kid has an entrepreneur’s spirit inside of them. When Spark Learning Center initially began teaching Enterprise City, that theory was more than confirmed.

“We saw students jumping at the chance to create something from their ideas. They just needed the creative outlet to express that urge. Enterprise City was a surprising and humbling success because of the greatness inside each of these students.” - Joe Evans, EC Instructor

Enterprise City 2 (EC-2) is a 6-week class and serves as a continuation of our popular Enterprise City class, targeted to kids 12-16 years old. With the only prerequisite for EC-2 being the first Enterprise City class, any child can learn entrepreneurial skills and develop their innate business talents.

The course is designed to highly entertain kids while teaching them about business and how to setup, manage and successfully run and small enterprise. Students will learn ingenuity, curiosity, problem solving and confidence. Let’s face it, kids learn more when they are laughing and involved. This class solves both challenges!

Working in teams and individually, students tackle exciting weekly projects and assignments geared towards developing their Entrepreneurial mindset and skills! They build seemingly impossible products and learn through their mistakes as they improve upon their designs, marketing skills and salesmanship. Through their natural competitiveness, each child gains insight into the power of individual contributions and the massive benefit of great teamwork.

For example, students learn about teamwork and ingenuity as they are taught how to conduct market research before launching a business that sells a product or service. They work in teams to conduct primary and secondary market research while having fun and enjoying the learning experience.

They develop problem solving skills while developing a full business plan with teammates - developing their product or service ideas in a comprehensive plan that addresses legal, marketing, financial and human capital needs.

Enterprise City and Enterprise City 2 are one of a kind courses and are proving to be a huge hit with young learners.

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Now is the time to sign up for the upcoming session of Enterprise City and Enterprise City 2. These classes are a great way to develop your child’s awareness of their environments and the opportunities that exist all around them. They will leave their course more prepared to succeed in life, and maybe even become a successful entrepreneur!

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