SparkQuest Is Coming!

SparkQuest, our Winter (un)Camp, begins December 14, 2020.

SparkQuest | Spark Alternative Learning Center
SparkQuest | Spark Alternative Learning Center

SparkQuest has been developed for children of all ages and abilities.

This one-week un-camp gives students both half and full day sessions to grow and develop their creativity, interests and hobbies while still providing educational reinforcement during the school break time.

SparkQuest is divided into a morning and an afternoon session to allow parents and students to select the program that fits their needs best. Additionally, our un-camp allows you to customize the number of days your child will participate!

Our program includes: Swimming (& lessons if desired), Mindfulness,

Reading, Paint & Craft, Cooking, Gardening, Manners, Language Arts

(English), Math, History, Coding and Music Appreciation!

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Spark Alternative Learning Center, an International English school located in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, provides progressive education and training for children and parents Pre-K through high school in an environment uniquely customized to the learning styles and needs of each child.


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