To School or Unschool?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Our Unschool (home schooling) students at Spark Alternative Learning Center are gifted students with a passion for learning. Our youngest Unschool student is less than 3.5 years old and our oldest is an adult mom!

Unschooling | Spark Alternative Learning
Unschooling | Spark Alternative Learning

Just think about that age range for a moment. We teach everything from grades K-12 to successful adults in the workforce. We view the diversity in our student’s ages as a testament to our U.S. certified curriculum program’s merit. We provide the highest quality education available using a U.S. curriculum that is fully aligned to all major United States educational standards, including the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and all U.S. state standards.

Our Unschool students are taught a variety of subjects, including Math, English (Language Arts), Science, Social Studies and other languages like Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL). Our students learn from a certified instructor who teaches, tests and supports each students through their learning journey.

Our youngest Vietnamese Unschool students learn English and ASL as a base to work from, along with elementary math and vocabulary. For our young learners, we work closely with the child’s parents to achieve the education goals for their child that they desire. For older students, we often focus on whatever their particular needs or goals might be. Sometimes the goal might be to complete a grade level or become prepared for entering a University system.

Unschool offers a number of advantages over regular school or traditional homeschooling. Like private international schools, our program is taught by qualified instructors following an accredited curriculum. Unlike other schools, however, our approach tailors many aspects of the learning experience to the student’s interest and personal goals. Additionally, our program provides many hours of individual instruction and support. That is a huge game-changer.

We see the genius in every child

Unschooling may not be for everyone, especially if learning English is not a priority. Additionally, some schools offer full competitive athletics programs, while others may focus on teaching to other national standards beyond the United States curriculums.

We see our program as an alternative to the standard structured education process. We seek to advance every child’s creativity, problem solving and social skills, while doing so in an enjoyable and enriching environment.

Spark Alternative Learning Center encourages parents to schedule a time to audit a class, meet our teachers and talk to some of our students. There is no better way than trying something out to know if the fit is right for you.


Spark Alternative Learning Center, an International English school located in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, provides progressive education and training for children and parents Pre-K through high school in an environment uniquely customized to the learning styles and needs of each child.


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