What Makes Spark Different

At Spark Alternative Learning Center, we believe your child is deserving of the very best educational experience possible. That’s why we designed an education center like no other.

Spark Alternative Learning | Classroom Photo
Spark Alternative Learning | Classroom Photo

Our program is designed for all age groups, with the emphasis on identifying each child’s interests and reinforcing those interests while teaching English language skills through a highly effective methodology.

In the case of our Unschool program students, our instructors teach a full curriculum of Math, Science, English, History and Art — all while encouraging the individual student’s own talents and passions through a program tailored to the individual student.

This approach, tailoring each student’s education path to their own needs and desires, creates a unique learning environment that is unmatched by public schools or private schools. Our one-of-a-kind learning environment allows each student to excel and develop to their maximum potential. Our U.S. accredited school curriculum ranges from Pre-K through 12th grade. Our English programs range from infants all the way to adults preparing for career advancement or the IELTS test. We even offer flexible class days and times for fit almost any schedule.

Spark Alternative Learning | Classroom Photo
Spark Alternative Learning | Classroom Photo

Our learning center is relatively new, started in 2020 with just three students. Now, we are still small, but growing slowly and steadily. With more than 35 students currently enrolled, our classroom ratio is 1:6 (six students to one teacher). This intimate ratio allows the maximum attention to be given to each student. Some students need more attention, encouragement and support. Spark is designed to be able to give that extra focus to each child.

Spark Alternative Learning Center is an appealing alternative to the large international schools in Saigon and offers a value proposition most schools cannot match.

We welcome students to audit a class with their parents, so contact us to arrange a classroom visit for your child.


Spark Alternative Learning Center, an International English school located in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, provides progressive education and training for children and parents Pre-K through high school in an environment uniquely customized to the learning styles and needs of each child.


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